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Lotus T Shirt | Inspirational T Shirts


Lotus T Shirt | Inspirational T Shirts

Just like the lotus flower, you have triumphed through the mud and the muck.  You’re an Overcomer.



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Lotus T Shirt For the Overcomer

The lotus flower typifies new beginnings, enlightenment and rebirth. It is born from the murkiest, muddiest and dirtiest of waters. The roots are buried in hopeless conditions. However, it adapts and perseveres. Their ability to survive is unparalleled. In the end, the lotus flower overcomes its desolate beginnings and produces the most beautiful, vibrant flower. In the end, the lotus is nature’s example of the human condition. This lotus t shirt is for all the overcomers.


The overcomer t shirt can offer inspiration to those looking to persevere and triumph.  However, they need hope and a reminder that they are strong.  This lotus flower shirt can symbolize personal progress.  As a lotus gradually reaches its full potential, it continuously opens, revealing all its layers.  Finally, a gorgeous spirited flower unfolds.


Motivational T Shirts That Make a Difference

Motivational and inspirational t shirts can raise spirits and energize. They provide optimism in the darkest of days. Positive t shirts are ideal meaningful gifts for women going through cancer treatment, fighting a daily battle with diabetes or a marital separation. However, they can just simply make a bad day better. Everyone can have days that when the alarm clock shrieks, the dread for the day ahead sets in. An inspirational t shirt can turn things around with a slip over the head and a subsequent change in attitude. The right t shirt is a great gift to encourage and inspire.

In addition, this overcomer t shirt is perfect for a Gen-zer who is struggling with her “new normal”; whether it be college life or a new job that’s challenging her to reach her potential.  Finally, this it would also be appropriate for a yogi who simply loves a balance of life, new beginnings, a lotus flower and a positive message.

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Bella+Canvas have worked hard to create a sustainable, eco-friendly business.  Read their story here.

Soaring Spirit Designs is committed to suicide prevention.  Therefore, we will be donating a percentage of the profit from every sale to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you or someone you know needs help or feels alone, PLEASE reach out, 24/7 to the professionals at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1-800-273-8255.  If you are uncomfortable with a phone conversation, a chat service is available on their website found here

Your life matters.

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