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Copper Turquoise Mandala Y Necklace


Copper and turquoise and a unique mandala pendant combine to create Bohemian style.

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A Modern Bohemian Y Necklace

Copper and Turquoise Mandala Pendant

A stunning bohemian turquoise and copper mandala pendant is the focal of this unique handmade Y necklace.  Chunky cracked agate beads in varying hues of turquoise and large copper accents complete the Y portion of the design.  A dainty copper chain finishes the boho necklace to ensure the focus remains on the unique Y.

This chic design measures 18 inches in length.  The Y drop is approximately 6.75 inches and the mandala itself measures 1 3/8 inches round.

Agate is said to provide emotional stability and balance.  It improves the confidence of those wearing it.

A mandala is a spiritual or ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that represents the universe and its energy.


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