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Bee T Shirt | Inspirational T Shirts


Bee T Shirt | Inspirational T Shirts

ALWAYS be kind to yourself in order to be kind to others.  Kindness is a side effect of self-care.



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Bee T Shirt to Inspire Self-Care​

Wear a reminder, close to your heart, to be kind to yourself.  This bee t shirt design and self-love saying was the inspiration behind our signature line, Self-Care Collection.  The bee kind t shirt trend was a lightbulb moment for this collection.  The expectation is to be kind to others, rightfully so.  However, what if we learn to “bee” kind to ourselves, first so that we can “bee” kind to others without hesitation?  Self-acceptance is the first step towards kindness.

Gifts to Encourage & Inspire


A self-love t shirt is the perfect inspirational gift.  It offers comfort in the reflection of the mirror or encouragement when foraging for the OOTD (outfit of the day).  It can also be an air hug, found in a smile from a stranger, when the message unites two people in mere seconds. Purchase this bee t shirt for yourself. It’s the perfect go-to weekend tee for when you wake up on the wrong side of bed and need to give yourself a well-deserved emotional break.  Or wear it to the coffee shop when meeting your bestie who is struggling with self-doubt due to a break-up or divorce. 

Hidden T Shirt Message - Secrets of the Honeybee

Did you know that the symbolism of the honeybee encourages one to enjoy life while being productive?  Don’t miss out on life while you’re trying to reach your goals. Find balance, a sweet spot and be kind to yourself.


The honeybee also represents fierceness and strength.  It has a strong work ethic and dedication to its community.  They may be tiny, but they’re powerful.  They work hard to provide for their community as well as their hive. Millions of plant species rely on these bees and their pollination.  Without the tiny honeybee, we wouldn’t have our bounty of fruits and vegetables that we have been accustomed to. 


Soaring Spirit Designs is committed to suicide prevention.  Therefore, we will be donating a percentage of the profit from every sale to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you or someone you know needs help or feels alone, PLEASE reach out, 24/7 to the professionals at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1-800-273-8255.  If you are uncomfortable with a phone conversation, a chat service is available on their website found here

Your life matters.

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