Trinket Dishes

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Our trinket dishes are individually handmade, hand sculpted and painted. As a result, each of these jewelry dishes is as unique as the individual that owns them.  They are slightly larger than normal sized ring dish.  Consequently, this makes them more convenient and multi-purposeful.  They can accommodate earrings, rings, bracelets and minimalist necklaces.  Furthermore, they can be placed on desks in home offices, college or the workplace to secure paper clips, ear buds and other small items.

What Makes Our Jewelry Dishes Different From The Rest?

Our trinket dishes make wonderful inspirational gifts for women facing adversity, challenges or daily struggles.  They were designed to offer comfort and hope. They serve as subtle daily reminders that everyone is good enough.  Every woman is strong, brave, beautiful and courageous. However, sometimes, we just need a positive, optimistic nudge.

Each jewelry dish is created from polymer clay which is lightweight yet durable.  In addition, if dropped, these dishes should not break unlike ceramic.  Finally, every design is poly sealed for longevity. A wool felt backing is on the bottom to protect your furniture and your keepsake.

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