True to Yourself Woodland Collection


Inspirational Gifts for Nature Lovers

The True to Yourself Woodland Collection offers inspirational gifts for nature lovers by featuring three of the most popular woodland animal spirits.  As different as they are as animals, the wolf, bear and owl are very similar in symbolism.  All three signify the importance of trusting intuition and instincts in order to find happiness and success.  They remind you to stay “true to yourself” and ignore outside influences when making important decisions in a chaotic world.  Trust your gut to “lead true”, “stay true” and “see true”.

The wolf necklace, bear necklace, owl necklace and mountain necklace remind the wearer, with a simple reflection in the mirror, to stay true to herself.  She is strong, courageous and instinctual.  When combining those features with the balance and constancy of the mountain, she will be unstoppable.

Animal Lover Gifts with Meaning and Purpose

The trinket dishes can be used for more than just jewelry holders.  They can be placed on desks to hold paper clips and rubber bands.  They are the perfect size to hold ear buds in preparation for the next zoom call.   Or, they could just simply be a gift for an animal lover that can offer motivation and encouragement at any given moment.

Know someone who loves inspirational quotes?  These wolf gifts, bear gifts, owl gifts and mountain gifts can inspire in the same way.  They all include a handmade card with a quote and a description of the symbolism of the wolf, bear, owl or mountain.  On days of low self-confidence, they will offer a subtle reminder to the recipient, at a single glance, that she is fierce and fearless.  To you, it may just be a gift; but for her, it just might change her life.

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