Crochet Necklaces


Crochet Necklaces for Women of All Ages

Our crochet necklaces are designed to encourage and motivate.  They focus on awe-inspiring elements in nature and the metaphysical properties of stones.  In addition, the symbolism will occasionally offer color psychology and a focus on the significance of everyday symbols. These inspirational necklaces can act as a talisman to bring comfort and support on challenging days, weeks and/or years.

The Gold Bee Necklace and Butterfly Pendant Necklace hope to offer inspiration to those who have self-confidence issues.  Subsequently, are also great gifts for nature lovers, as well as the daisy necklace and lotus flower necklace.

Inspirational Necklaces that Have Meaning and Style

Each necklace includes an inspirational card that details the importance of each token and offers a message of encouragement.  As a result, they are not only necklaces with meanings, they are boho necklaces by design. In addition, they make a statement worn alone or layered with any minimalist choker.

Make this meaningful jewelry yours today.  They make wonderful unique inspirational gifts for any gal facing a challenge, big or small.

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